Louisa Morrissey is a professional certified dog trainer specializing in gentle yet effective techniques.



High Country Dogs:
A dog to hike with, to walk with, to ski with, to share the sunrise, the sunset or the couch.
An athlete, companion, colleague, family member, best friend.Frisco summer class with Abe

How we help you train the dog you have to be the dog you want:

Group Classes for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs in basic manners, obedience, recall (come) and walking nicely on a leash.

Dog Sports including skijoring, dog scootering, agility, cani-cross, rally and flyball.

Private lessons to address jumping, barking, and behaviors related to fear, anxiety and aggression.

Training that is down to earth, user freindly and addresses “real life” situations; that is tailored to you and your dog as individuals;
A trainer with experience, education and licensed by Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog”

photo by Karen Church

photo by Karen Church

“The simple gift of a dog’s friendship cannot be demanded or commanded. It is not earned, nor deserved. It is given freely. This simple gift eclipses any performance or work the dog may do.  It is a treasure we may hold on to even after the dog has gone ahead to where we cannot follow.”   Suzanne Clothier

skijoring with LInus and Agnes

photo by Ed Kosmicki


photo by Ben Young

photo by Ben Young




"Loved the skijoring last year..hoping to do some more this winter. Actually, we all loved cani-cross too. Would love to hear about classes on this side of the pass." - Students