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Louisa and dogs camping

Louisa Morrissey

Dog Trainer


a team sport with your dog

Skijoring is cross-country skiing while being pulled by your dog(s). I teach skijoring as a team sport with you and your dog.


A dance between dogs and humans through jumps, tunnels and more.


This sport is the dry-land form of skijoring using a belt, bungee line and harness.


One of the fastest growing dog sports in the past few years has been Rally.

Man with is dog outside

You and Your Dog

A dog to hike with, ski with and share the sunrise or the couch. An athlete, companion, colleague, family member and best friend.

We use training methods that set your dog up for success, teaching him or her what the task is at hand and rewarding them for getting it right. We do not use any methods or tools that hurt, scare or intimidate your dog. Thus we do not use choke, prong or shock collars in any of our training.

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We've been helping our clients build the foundation for a strong relationship with their dog(s) for many years.

The skijoring clinic at Devils Thumb was a blast! Thanks Louisa!

Marna Steuart

Had a great day with my friend Ice, as a first timer. Thank you for a great afternoon. Looking forward to next time!

Annie Ways

Louisa is a great teacher! Very patient and knowledgeable.

Barb Becker

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Let us help you build a strong relationship with your dog through sports.
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